Got Heart? Trish Bain does!

Congratulations to Trish Bain on being the very first ‘Heart of Morinda’ recipient!!  

I want to use this week’s business blog to re-introduce to you the 2015 Heart of Morinda recipient. But first, let me give you a little background about this award. What does it mean to you when someone is described as ‘having heart’? What are the synonyms for having heart? Commitment? Dedication? Hard Working? Never Quits? Lays it all on the line? Team Player? Those are a few of the things that come to my mind.

I’ve been asked, “What does an IPC have to do to earn this award?” In other words, what are the qualifications? The answer is simple, there are none. We can’t measure ‘heart’ by looking at one’s volume. We can’t measure it by paid-as title. We can’t reward a temporary change or improvement in someone’s behavior. Instead, we recognize the behavior that has been there from day one. You see, we can’t coach or teach ‘heart’. You either have it or you don’t. And although we considered many qualified individuals for this award, there was one that truly stood out. To me, the litmus test for this type of award is that their peers, both here at corporate, as well as you who are reading this, would be 100 percent in agreement that this person was the right choice. And this was absolutely the case with Trish Bain.

Let me tell you a little bit about Trish. This month, Trish is celebrating her 17th year with Morinda. For those of you keeping track at home, that means she began in 1998. At one point in time I had the privilege of being Trish Bain’s PLR, or Premier Leader Representative. I’ve known her through a lot of the good times and the difficult times. Trish has always been the first person to implement the strategies that Morinda is trying to implement, even the strategies that we look back on as ‘head scratchers’. (Does anyone remember Malls Across America?) I can’t think of a strategy or program that she didn’t jump right into with both feet. Trish just leads. She pioneers. She inspires her team to follow her footsteps. This is evidenced by almost 20 TruAge Scanners owners on her team.

Trish not only leads those on her own team, but other IPCs who are not from her group look to her for support as well. Her conference calls and training calls are attended by people from all over the country who may not benefit her directly, but she is always willing to help. Because she is always so positive and upbeat, I know of several leaders who call Trish just to feed off her positive energy. That’s the type of individual Trish is.

Trish Bain is all in! And when I say ‘all in’, I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone that is more ‘all in’ than she is. I had the opportunity to see her home in Orlando, FL, and to me it felt like every inch of her home was dedicated to Morinda and her team. Where other people hang paintings on the walls, she has whiteboards with her team, scanner owners, strategies for growth, etc… Whereas other people buy expensive flat screen TVs, she has a media cart with a TV and DVD player to move around and do presentations. I left there absolutely convinced that this woman eats, sleeps, and breathes Morinda every single day.

“I was deeply honored to be the first recipient of this award, and am grateful for the many friends and team members who have been part of building a global movement toward improved health and lasting wealth through Morinda. I’m excited about the possibilities of the future and looking forward to helping other leaders step up to make a positive difference as global leaders. I believe that together we can promote our company, our products and a better future for our families and friends. Morinda has the answers to solve so many problems people are facing.”

Thank you Trish for being you! Congratulations on being the very first ‘Heart of Morinda’ recipient. Very well deserved.


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